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What happens once I am referred?

Once your child is referred they may be given a keyworker.

What do our keyworkers do?

To start with our manager or team leader will meet with you to talk about your child and our service. They may decide that it would be useful to have one of our Child Development Centre Officers as a keyworker for your child. You will get to know your keyworker really well, and they may visit your child at home or pre-school.

If someone comes to my home, what can I expect?

Your keyworker will work with you and your child on agreed targets. They might also give you ideas for things to work on between visits. 
After a few visits an initial report will be written, which will summarise your child's strengths, areas for development and current developmental levels. Your keyworker will also support the request for statutory assessment of special educational needs as appropriate.

What will happen at my child's preschool or nursery?

Your child's keyworker will offer support with target setting and adapting activities. They may also work with your child to see how they are developing, where their strengths are and identify areas where they may need further support.

What happens if my child does not need a keyworker but still has special educational needs?

Some children will not be given a Child Development Centre keyworker but may still be visited in their setting if requested by the staff there.

If my child is only receiving support within the preschool or nursery how will I be kept informed?

The keyworker can met wit you at a convenient time and place to discuss progress and next steps. You ware also able to discuss concerns via phone or email.

How long will my child be involved with the service?

Each child is an individual and therefore this will depend on the child's needs.

Discussions will take place with you and where appropriate, the preschool or nursery, to determine the level of support needed.

If appropriate, support can continue throughout the Foundation stage (end of reception year).

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