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Get caught up in the Maelstrom at Coral Reef

Coral Reef Maelstrom slide

Details of the fifth and final waterslide have been revealed for the new Coral Reef Waterworld.

Maelstrom will be a slide of two halves, lulling riders into a false sense of security as they ride a raft on calm waters through a peaceful scene of changing colours and sounds. The journey will ease them round through the waterslide tower, with a sensor activated light show alerting the queue below that a raft is approaching overhead.

Riders will need to beware though, as stormy waters lie just ahead. Soon the maelstrom of the slides first crazy cone will draw unsuspecting riders into its grasp.

On entering the cone, a laser show and sound effects will surround riders. Riding on the swells, the raft will twist and turn before expelling the riders forward or backwards into choppy waters down into the darkness and towards the second crazy cone.

Riders will need to keep their wits about them as they are sent into the unknown of the black hole. The swirling waters will push the raft through the cone towards the only point of escape, where riders will be faced by a wall of water.

Riders will find themselves looming towards projections of their chosen theme as they approach the water cascade and are forced out the other side, as they are once again, released from the clutches of the maelstrom.

Cllr Iain McCracken, executive member for culture, corporate services and public protection, said:

This slide really is something very different for Coral Reef, with its two special crazy cones, which will make the raft twist and turn, sending some riders backwards on their journey.

Like Aqua Splash, this waterslide will send riders back through the slide tower, so those waiting below will hear the screams of excitement or possibly fear, as riders are sent towards darkness.

Like our other new waterslides, this one will be customisable, so riders can choose their theme on an interactive touchscreen TV before they start, but choose wisely as you may find yourself face to face with a large shark or dinosaur as you are taken through the second crazy cone.

Maelstrom will allow some of our younger visitors the chance to try out something more daring with a parent, so there will be age appropriate themes to choose from for those pirates still in training.

All 5 of Coral Reef’s new waterslides have now been named, ready for the re-opening in September. Maelstrom will join Poseidon’s Peril, Storm Chaser, Aqua Splash and The Cannon at Bracknell’s iconic venue. You can catch up on details of the other slides on our waterslides page.

To keep up-to-date with construction progress and opening news, visit our Coral Reef webpage or find Coral Reef on Facebook.