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Annual canvass starts for Bracknell Forest residents


Annual canvass letters will be hitting doorsteps across the borough. We are asking each household to confirm who should be registered to vote at their address, adding anyone now aged 16 and new occupants, and deleting anyone who has moved out.

Please respond even if there are no changes. It is quick and easy to do this by calling or texting using the security code provided. If you need to make any changes you can complete the form online. Full details are on the canvass letter and you can also visit our annual canvass webpage.

Anyone added to the form will need to complete the process by registering to vote on GOV.UK.

Timothy Wheadon, the Electoral Registration Officer said:

The right to vote is a fundamental part of our democracy so it is vital that we have the correct details of everyone eligible to be registered in the borough. The annual canvass is our yearly check that the names held on the electoral register are correct to make sure that when it comes to elections or referendums everyone who can vote gets the chance.

Householders are asked to respond to the form as soon as possible. If you haven’t received your form by mid September, please contact us to request a replacement.

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