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How can family safeguarding help you?

Family safeguarding was first set up in Hertfordshire where Mary received support. Here, she shares her experience:

Mary has had previous children taken into care. She is in an abusive relationship and is using drink and drugs. The family has pre court proceedings status. The council’s family safeguarding team has supported Mary to look after her new baby.

Mary says:

“All the support - the social worker, the mental health worker and domestic violence worker – all came together. They made their plans and they’ve worked for me."

“Without the support I’ve had … I wouldn’t have her [my daughter] today. She’s my little miracle."

“I’d like to thank everyone for what they’ve done. I have a new life and a new beginning. I want to get her into school. Never go into an abusive relationship. Do all the things she needs. I am on cloud nine.”

Mary’s social worker says:

“We held her and the unborn baby at the focus of all the interventions and made her feel safe. It worked well. Mum was ready to engage."

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