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Putting your bin out

Please make sure your bin is out by 6:30am on your regular collection day, or by 6am if your collection is a Saturday or bank holiday. This may mean putting it out the night before. After your bin has been emptied, you must take it back onto your property as soon as possible.

Please ensure the bins are presented with the lid closed and sacks with the tops rolled down.

We will not collect any waste which is not in the bin. Leaving waste or recycling in the street can be considered an offence and could lead to prosecution or a fixed penalty fine.

We will normally be able to collect large dry cardboard boxes which will not fit in your blue bin provided you have cut them to a manageable size no bigger than your bin and folded neatly. They must be left next to your bin on collection day.

Brown bins and biodegradable sacks for garden waste are collected on the same day as blue recycling bins.