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Data and evidence studies

The AMR reports should also be read in conjunction with the council’s The Changing Face of Bracknell Forest, which provides background data (including data from the 2011 Census) on population, demographics, economic and social issues.

A number of other reports and studies have been produced to advise and support the council’s production of plans.

The information has been structured around the following themes:

  • duty to co-operate (please see document below)
  • monitoring of the Local Development Scheme (please see document below)
  • housing:
    • housing delivery
    • housing trajectory
    • 5-year housing land supply and Housing Implementation Strategy
    • housing commitments
    • SHLAA
    • gypsy and travelling show people
    • Housing Market Assessment
  • new developments residents survey
  • economic development:
    • retail
    • employment
  • environment:
    • biodiversity (please see document below)
    • flood issues
    • renewable energy
  • transport:
    • traffic levels
    • sustainable modes of transport
    • parking standards
    • accessibility
  • infrastructure (including implementation of CIL)
  • minerals and waste

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