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What is orienteering?

Orienteering gives you the opportunity to get outside and explore your local parks and countryside. There are courses available at 4 Bracknell Forest sites, set out in this guide.

Orienteering is an exciting challenge out in the countryside for both children and adults to find points in the landscape using only a map and a compass. It can be enjoyed either as a competitive sport or merely as a walk around some of the parks and countryside in Bracknell Forest.

A course consists of a start point, a series of control sites that are marked by numbered circles on the map in the order they are to be visited, and a finish.

It does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can walk, jog or run the course and progress at your own pace.

What do I need?

To start, all you need is a compass, a sense of adventure, a pair of trainers or outdoor shoes, outdoor clothes and a course map. To get the most out of orienteering it is recommended to join a club.


The mapping of the parks and provision of permanent orienteering courses was part of a project in association with the council and Berkshire Orienteers, funded by The Big Lottery Fund.

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