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Other common issues

Mess from falling leaves, fruit/seeds and twigs

This is a natural process and is not recognised as a legal nuisance, therefore there’s no obligation to the tree owner to carry out works. Residents are advised to maintain their own property as best possible and can collect and dispose of this sort of waste at the Longshot Lane Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Pollen and hayfever

There is nothing the tree-owner is required to do to alleviate the symptoms and effects of pollen on the public or neighbouring residents. Hayfever is aggravated by many different types of pollen at different times of year and it is extremely difficult to determine which tree is the cause or whether its removal would be justified on the grounds of it causing health problems.

Ash tree dieback

The disease is caused by a fungus known as Chalara fraxinea. It can cause leaf loss, twigs and branches die back and ultimately it can lead to tree death. 

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