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Public notice: commencement of woodland operations

Public notice (posted 16 August 2018)

Commencement of woodland operations
Junction of Staplehurst and Wooden Hill
(Tree Service Reference: 1207118)

The council will be carrying out a planned removal of an area of pines at the junction of Wooden Hill and Staplehurst. The works will start on 3 September 2018 and that first phase will last for a week; after which there will be a short break before work will resume on the 24 September.

Work hours will be restricted to prevent disruption to Wooden Hill School.

In the process of developing a new Bracknell Forest Tree Strategy, a public consultation of local residents indicated significant concerns about the sustainability of forestry plantations (a crop of trees planted for commercial purposes) and the perceived risk that these trees posed as they mature in close proximity to back gardens and houses.

The pines in this location had been planted as a commercial plantation some 55 to 65 years previously. Pines will naturally deteriorate over time, as they cannot be effectively pruned to improve their stability or extend their age in a safe condition. Retaining these trees therefore is not a sustainable option and because of this, the local residents closest to this land have decided to collaborate with the council to directly support this planned removal.

In delivering the values and principles of the council’s new Tree Strategy and addressing the issues raised in that previous consultation, Bracknell Forest Council will be replacing this plantation with native mixed woodland. A broader variety of species will help to increase wildlife diversity, restore visual amenity and sustain environmental benefits for residents and visitors to the borough. These additional works will be carried out the following planting season (October to March 2019), when a variety of new sapling trees will be planted, fenced-off and maintained to get them established and thriving.

The council appreciates that your immediate landscape and visual amenity will change during the operations and it may seem destructive; but the work is required to be able to establish and manage new woodland for the benefit of the environment, landscape and future generations of Bracknell residents. Should you wish to discuss these works, please contact the council’s Tree Service on 01344 354111 or email

Location of trees to be removed

Location of trees to be removed