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local land charges fees



Requisition (LLC1) - non vatable


Standard enquiries CON29 - including 20% VAT


Full search - LLC1 and CON29


CON29O optional enquiries including Q22 commons registration - including 20% VAT

£15 each

Additional properties, parcels and garages - including 20% VAT


Added enquiries - including 20% VAT


Cancellation fee (before completion or full fee applies)


Personal search


Fees are payable upon making the application for a search. If a request for a search is cancelled before completion, fees in excess of an administration fee of £40 will be refunded.

Method of payment

We do not accept cheques or paper copies of the prescribed forms. We only accept and return local land charge searches electronically.

This change has made for environmental reasons and so that we can provide a faster more efficient service.

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Local land charges

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