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Newell Hall planning inquiry

Land adjacent to Newell Hall, Warfield Street, Warfield

Reason for inquiry

This inquiry is an appeal by Hawksbury Homes Warfield Ltd. It relates to the outline application for the building of a 45 bedroom care home on land next to Newall Hall, Warfield Street, Warfield.

An inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will hold an inquiry to decide the appeal. This opens on 15 September.

Attending the inquiry

The inquiry is a virtual event run by an inspector in the normal way. Parties will be invited to join using Microsoft Teams or telephone.

Anyone wishing to attend the inquiry or, at the inspector's discretion, give their views, must tell the Planning Inspectorate case officer as soon as possible before the inquiry. You can contact the case officer by email or telephone after reading the inquiry attendance information.

PDF iconInquiry attendance information32.61 KB

Core documents and planning evidence

A list of the core documents associated with the appeal is attached below, together with a list of the evidence submitted by both parties.

All these documents are available on the Public Access register when searching under the planning application number 19/00632/OUT.

How to access documents

Searching Public Access

Go to Public Access.

Search 19/00632/OUT.

Select documents

Select the 'Documents' tab.

This page contains all the documents related to this case.

Searching documents

To search for specific documents, you can use the document search in Public Access.

On the documents page, change the drop down box to 'Description'.

Screenshot of dropdown selecting description

Enter your search term. For example, if you are looking for all core documents in section 3, you can search 'CD3'.

Select 'Apply'.

Enter search term and apply

The search will filter the documents based on your search term. You can then select and download files as required.

Filtered files

Get help accessing documents

If you have any problems accessing the documents, contact the Planning Department by:

Alternatively, documents are available in electronic form by WeTransfer.

Contact information

Planning Team

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