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What to submit

A planning application cannot progress until we get the completed form, necessary drawings of the proposal, required supporting information and the appropriate fee.

Please send us 2 complete sets of the:

These are the documents that need to be submitted with your planning application:

  • standard application form - 1 copy plus the original
  • ownership certificates completed
  • notice served - if appropriate
  • location plan - 1:1250 or 1:2500
  • site/block plan – 1:200 or 1:500
  • existing elevations and floor plans
  • proposed elevations and floor plans
  • roof plans
  • the correct fee

Plans should be clear, intelligible, drawn to a metric scale and the scale quoted. They must distinguish clearly, preferably in colour, between existing and proposed development.

Plans should show the whole building and be fully annotated with dimensions, room spaces identified and drawing titles, for example living room/bedroom; front and rear elevation.

You will also need to submit ordnance survey (OS) extracts with your planning application. You can buy planning application ordnance survey (OS) maps online.

Please review the planning validation checklist to make sure that you have included everything with your application.

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