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How our advice service can help you

The pre-application process will be of particular importance to householders who are building/installing a new:

  • extension (including a conservatory or a porch)
  • garage or outbuilding
  • property access point (or altering an existing one)
  • dormer window/roof alteration
  • wall or fence
  • satellite dish

Please note that for enquiries about building a new house you should submit a developer pre-application enquiry, not a householder pre-application enquiry.

Please note that mobile homes and flats are not classed as householder applications and do not have any permitted development rights and therefore require planning permission for any development.

Once the information has been assessed and any negotiations concluded, your case officer will seek to provide you with constructive and relevant written comments. If planning permission is required, advice to help you submit an application will be included.

Restrictive conditions advice

We can also provide guidance for householders who are unsure whether any restrictive planning conditions affecting their property will allow them to build something, for example a new garage. Restrictive conditions are often imposed when it is considered that any further development of the site could be detrimental to the area.

If you own your property, your solicitor will have notified you of any restrictive conditions on the property when you purchased it.

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