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Preparation for a pre-application

Before you make a planning application, we suggest you use our pre-application planning advice service. By using this service, you can check that your proposal is on the right lines before you submit a full application. This will help identify any potential issues early in the process, it could save you time and money, and will improve the chances of having your proposal approved.

In order to make sure we recover our costs we have introduced a new set of charges. As part of the changes we will now provide a pre-application report rather than the previous letter.

We can also arrange for the consideration of amended or additional plans and provide further meetings and for meetings on sites being promoted for allocation in the Local Plan. There are also the options to have a bespoke pre-application service. For large and/or complex applications there is also the option of entering into a Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) with the council.

Pre-application advice is given in good faith and represents the case officer’s professional view of the information you have supplied at the time you have given it. The advice given will be as accurate as possible, but does not determine the outcome of your application.

Before contacting us with your draft development proposals we ask you to:

  • investigate the planning history of the site - does this tell you anything that may be relevant to your proposals?
  • check the development plan designation of the site - check any policies relevant to your proposals
  • familiarise yourself with the development management and highway standards adopted by the council

So we can give a detailed response, please provide the following in support of your enquiry:

  • an assessment of the site characteristics, constraints/opportunities and its context in relation to the surrounding area
  • accurate site survey plans and tree condition surveys (where applicable) - these will be needed if a planning application is submitted and are likely to be useful for designing a scheme too
  • draft design principles for the site developed from the findings of the site survey work

Please note that we reserve the right to reject requests for pre-application advice where a prospective applicant has ignored advice previously given on the same site.

Levels of advice

You will need to decide as to what level of advice you require. There are 2 options:

Full standard pre-application enquiry

This will advise whether or not planning permission is required and, if so, whether the proposal is acceptable - it will include a site visit and, where applicable, any comments made by internal consultees.

A bespoke service

This is an individual pre-application service with agreed consultee responses and meetings.

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