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What advice can I expect to receive?

Your case officer will seek to provide you with constructive and relevant written comments and advice to help you submit a planning application.

The advice given will depend on the complexity and nature of the proposed development but could include:

  • relevant planning policies - an assessment as to whether the proposal complies with local, regional and national policies
  • constraints - for example, conservation area, green belt, special protection area and so on
  • land use - acceptability of proposed uses
  • residential development - acceptability of mix of units, affordable housing requirement
  • design - comments on built form, scale, massing, views, street scene, historic context and so on
  • amenity - which properties may be affected and how, what further assessment is required in terms of daylight/sunlight studies, noise studies, tree surveys and landscape assessment
  • transport and highways - advice and comment on servicing, access, parking standards, cycle parking, disabled parking, requirements for a transport statements/assessments and Section 38/278 matters (Highways Act 1980)
  • community engagement - who to contact - for example, local councils, community groups
  • financial contributions - possible heads of terms or planning obligations that may be required together with an indication of likely contribution levels

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