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Which comments or objections will be considered?

We will only consider comments or objections made which relate directly to planning. Personal comments, offensive, racist or discriminatory comments will not be considered or published.

Please do not submit duplicate comments. We will only consider one comment per household. We do not provide acknowledgments to comments received, other than the automated response generated by the online system. Comments will take at least 48 hours to appear on the public website and may take longer during times when large volumes of comments are being received.

Please be aware when entering a comment on a planning application via the online planning register that the comments page will time out after 30 minutes. You may therefore wish to prepare your comment before starting to fill in the comment form.

You may comment on or object to a planning application for reasons such as:

  • the proposal being in conflict with either the local or national planning policies
  • principle - if you feel that the very nature of the proposal is inappropriate and that the use of land/property should not change
  • overlooking - the proposal could lead to a loss of privacy
  • overshadowing - the height or proximity of the development could lead to a loss of daylight for instance to habitable rooms
  • disturbance - potential noise, fumes and other odours could lead to a loss of the amenities you currently enjoy
  • overbearing - the scale of the proposed development could have an oppressive impact on nearby properties
  • out of character - the design or scale of the development appears to be out of character with its surroundings
  • road safety - the development may lead to a significant impact upon road safety, traffic, parking or access problems
  • the development would harm on setting of a listed building or character of a conservation area

We will not take into account comments or objections related to:

  • encroachment onto another person's land - if the application includes land in your ownership, you should receive prior written notice from the applicant - if you have not received this, please let us know
  • loss of value to a property
  • loss of view, and potential difficulties in property maintenance
  • hours of work during construction
  • business or competition issues relating to the applicant
  • increased fire hazard
  • conflict of the application with covenants

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