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Overview of service

Before you make a planning application, we suggest you use our pre-application planning advice service.  By using this service, you can check that you are on the right lines before you submit a full application. This could save you time and money, and will improve your chances of having your proposal approved.

We are making changes to our pre-application service for householders.  We have simplified the service which now provides three types of service:

  • in-principle advice for permitted development enquiries 
  • basic in-principle pre-app without site visit - Planning Officer and policy advice only
  • full standard pre-app with site visit and all relevant consultees

We can also arrange for the consideration of amended or additional plans and provide further meetings.

Pre-application advice is given in good faith and represents the case officer’s professional view of the information you have supplied at the time you have given it. The advice given will be as accurate as possible, but does not determine the outcome of your application.