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Flooding from sewers

Public sewers

You can report flooding from public sewers online at the Thames Water website.

Thames Water owns and manages the network of public foul and surface water sewers. The majority of public sewers are located in highways. You can view highway drainage plans and limited sewer plans at Time Square.

Flooding from sewers is due either to an obstruction which restricts the flow or when capacity of the sewer is exceeded. If the capacity is exceeded then water can flow out of the manhole and drain covers. Flood water from any source can be hazardous.

Private sewers

Thames Water Utilities is responsible for the maintenance of sewers and lateral drains that connect to a public foul or surface water sewer system in the borough. More information about responsibility for private sewers and lateral drains can be found on Thames Water's website.

Blockages within your property boundary

The responsibility for the removal of blockages in drains within the property boundary stays the responsibility of the householder (a drain being a pipe that serves a single property).

If there is a problem with a sewer or drain at your property it is important to establish whether the problem is likely to be:

  • in the sewer - if so it's the responsibility of Thames Water or
  • in the drain or internal plumbing - if so it's the responsibility of the householder

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