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There is currently an issue which means that some council tax direct debits will be taken out early. Find out more about the council tax issue.

Give us your feedback on highways and transport

Tell us what you think

We want to understand what you think about the highways and transport services we provide or are involved with.

There are 6 independent surveys. You can fill in as many of the themes that you wish.

Each survey will only take a few minutes of your time.

The answers you give will:

  • help us to understand how you feel about our service
  • inform decisions about roads, cycling, bus services and public transport in Bracknell
Riding a bike on a road

You will remain anonymous by taking the survey online. The only details we ask are for demographic purposes, such as your age range.

It also doesn’t matter if you’ve only just moved to the area, you don't take public transport, or you don’t pay council tax. We want to hear from a wide range of people and experiences.