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Apply for a dropped kerb

Please use this form to apply for a dropped kerb.

Please note, that you must be able to provide the minimum depths in line with our local policy on the what to check before applying page. If the inspector finds that this is not the case the application will be cancelled, without a refund. Please see the parking standards document for more information.

All documented evidence must be provided within 8 weeks of the application being submitted otherwise the application will close. You may upload, email or post the evidence required.

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What happens next

Missing information

Any failure to meet the requirements of this application including supplying missing information may significantly delay or void the application process. Any consents or changes in covenant which may be required, should be obtained prior to completing the application process and proof returned within 8 weeks to prevent cancellation of the application.


The inspection can take up to 12 weeks once the application fee and all relevant paperwork has been received.

Site visits and quotation

Once a site visit has been carried out we will issue a quotation along with a photograph indicating the work to be carried out. There is no payment plan for this service.