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Key information about gritting

Some key information about the gritting process is outlined below:

  • the council has access to 3 gritting vehicles and 10 drivers with 6 drivers on winter season rota
  • we are responsible for a total highway network length of 286 miles
  • our first priority is to grit the main roads which total a length of 111 miles (the primary salting network)
  • subject to resources, we can then focus our attention on other roads which total a length of 35 miles (the secondary salting network)
  • salt is laid at a spread rate of between 8 and 20 grammes/sq. metre per run, depending upon weather conditions
  • the salt works by lowering the freezing point of water, but it also needs some vehicle movement on it to make it effective
  • the salt is only effective to around -6°C, this means that at even lower temperatures, water on the roads may still freeze
  • the response time to mobilise salting lorries at any time, night or day, is 1 hour
  • our salt stock is normally replenished from salt mines in Cheshire - it takes all day for a truck to get there and back
  • orders are placed in advance for restocking in an attempt to avoid long waiting periods for delivery as demand increases
  • at the start of the winter season we have about 2000 tonnes in stock, which is enough to meet normal conditions

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