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A3095 improvements

Latest update - 12 June 2020

Works have now started on the A3095 Crowthorne Road improvement.

The A3095 Crowthorne Road will be closed northbound between the Golden Retriever Roundabout and Hanworth Roundabout from 9am on 15 June for 12 weeks until 1 September (inclusive). During this time the subway will be lengthened and road widening works will take place to the western kerb line on the approaches to both junctions.

The A3095 Crowthorne Road southbound will be closed between the two junctions from 8pm on 15 June until 6am on the 16 June (only). This is to allow the traffic management required for this part of the works, to safely separate passing traffic from the construction site, to be installed. Southbound traffic will be unaffected after this time.

The northern most subway beneath the A3095 Crowthorne Road will be closed on 15 June for 12 weeks. Diversion routes for pedestrians will be provided.

The council has been successful in securing funds to undertake improvement work to the A3095 Crowthorne Road at the Hanworth and Golden Retriever roundabouts. This work is in partnership with the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Typically, this section of the A3095 experiences congestion which presents challenges for traffic movements and also acts as a constraint to ongoing growth within Bracknell Forest and the wider region.

It has always been our intention to start this work in summer 2020, however, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak and the need to follow Public Health England guidelines, additional pre-planning work has been necessary.

As part of this planning work, we have taken account of the following:

  • the likelihood of significantly reduced traffic flows for the foreseeable future
  • a reduction in the number of business and amenities impacted by construction work
  • the scale of work involved in this project
  • the opportunity to avoid future disruption

Clearly there is an advantage to starting the work whilst there is a reduced impact on the public and local businesses and so we are planning to start the main construction work on 15 June 2020. The initial phase will include delivering significant road construction, new highway drainage and an extended subway beneath Crowthorne Road.

Carrying out the work

We have agreed with our contractors that the most practical and safe way of undertaking this work is by closing the A3095 to northbound traffic between the Golden Retriever Roundabout and Hanworth Roundabout. Southbound traffic will be unaffected.

The duration of the northbound closure will be 12 weeks between 15 June and 1 September. The subway between Hanworth Road and Great Hollands will also be closed to pedestrians during this period. Diversion routes will be signed for traffic and pedestrians throughout the closures. A plan showing the wider diversion routes is available below.

During this period, the contractors will be working 7 days a week, typically between 7am and 6pm to make sure swift progress is made. Detailed planning will keep evening noise disruption to a minimum by avoiding noisier activities wherever possible.

Following the 12-week northbound closure, work will continue with lane closures at each roundabout junction until completion in autumn 2021, with disruption kept to a minimum whenever possible.

Benefits of the improvements

This section of the A3095 becomes congested in both directions and future traffic growth means that these two junctions need to be improved. The scheme will make sure that traffic flow is maintained along this important corridor and that local communities can join or cross the A3095 safely. Work will include:

  • adding a ‘fly-through’ lane on the central island of the Hanworth roundabout for south-bound traffic and installing full-time traffic signals at the junction
  • converting the Golden Retriever roundabout to a crossroads with traffic lights
  • extending the entry and exit lanes for both junctions
  • introducing new signalised pedestrian and cycle crossings on Nine Mile Ride and the A3095 Crowthorne Road at the Golden Retriever junction, to help people cross safely
  • providing a traffic light junction, including pedestrian crossings at the Ringmead junction with Hanworth Road - the operation of these signals will be linked to the Hanworth junction
  • incorporating a ‘greenway’ initiative throughout the work – this will enhance the natural environment through tree planting, hedgerow creation, meadow enrichment and the creation of wildlife habitats alongside the improved road scheme

Scheme design

You can view the design of the scheme on the plans below.

Greenway – The Wild Way Project

The A3095 Wild Way Project will concentrate on replanting areas of felled Pine along the roadside with native broad leaved species in a way that will minimise the view of the road. Evergreen species will also be planted, but as our native evergreens are slow growing, it will take them time to make a year round visual barrier.

In the wider area, the project focuses on creating habitat opportunities by planting trees and hedgerows, pulling out invasive Rhododendron and digging ponds in wet areas. Within woodlands, we will concentrate on the removal of invasive species and increasing plant diversity by adding ferns, bulbs and honeysuckle. Where planting trees is not possible, bulbs will be used instead. These will be a beautiful addition to the roadside verges and will improve their value for pollinators.

We will be working with Bracknell Town Council as they take care of many parks in the area. Works to the parks will include meadow creation, fruit tree planting, bulb planting and woodland improvements, although final agreements still need to be drawn up.

PDF iconWild Way plan - map5.14 MB

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