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A3095 improvements

Latest update - 8 July 2019

Since January work has been progressing and we are now able to share the final design details with you.

The final scheme consists of the following elements:

  • maintaining Crowthorne Road as a single lane carriageway - the scheme no longer includes widening of the A3095 Crowthorne Road between the 2 junctions
  • the entry and exit lanes for the Hanworth and Golden Retriever junctions will be extended to improve traffic flow through the junctions
  • the Golden Retriever junction (Nine Mile Ride junction with the A3095 Crowthorne Road) will become a signalised crossroads
  • new signalised pedestrian and cycle crossings on Nine Mile Ride and the A3095 Crowthorne Road to assist local communities
  • the Hanworth roundabout will remain a roundabout, but will include a south bound fly-through lane and full-time traffic signals
  • a new signalised junction, including signalised pedestrian crossings at the Ringmead junction with Hanworth Road - the operation of these signals will be linked to the Hanworth junction
  • a new greenway - enhancement of the natural environment through measures such as tree planting, hedgerow creation, meadow enrichment and the creation of wildlife habitats alongside the improved road scheme

Details of the final highway improvement scheme design can now be viewed on the plans provided below.

The greenway enhancements will support an existing project to re-structure the roadside woodland. The woodland management works will harvest pine trees for their timber and replant the area with a more appropriate mixture of tree species. This will secure the tree lined character of the road for the long-term. You can find out more about the woodland management works on our web page.

Why is the scheme needed?

This section of the A3095 becomes congested in both directions. This not only affects people using the road, but also hinders ongoing growth within Bracknell Forest and the wider region.

Future traffic growth means that these 2 junctions will need to be improved. This is so that traffic flow is maintained along this important corridor and that local communities are able to join or cross the A3095 safely.

The scheme will also contribute to our plans for development growth.

Scheme design

You can view the design of the scheme on the maps below.


The detailed preparation work for the scheme is now underway. The main construction phase of the scheme is due to start in February 2020. Local residents and businesses will be given detailed information well in advance and throughout the works.

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