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A329 London Road improvements

Latest update – 9 October 2018

Martins Heron roundabout

After recent difficulties work is now progressing well. Works outside the Mercedes garage are now complete and significant progress is being made on both London Road approaches to the junction.

From 22 October to 26 October (half term) there will be 2 way traffic lights in operation 24 hours a day so that the final part of the essential Cadent Gas diversion works can take place. This will include keeping the lights in place during peak hours. The upgrade work is to replace an existing old joint beneath the carriageway.  The work should take a maximum of 5 days.

The works will take place as quickly as possible to minimise time the traffic lights will be needed. At the same time we will take the opportunity to do other junction works in this area. The traffic lights will be manned during peak times and during the day. We expect these temporary lights to cause some delays so we advise seeking an alternative route if possible.
From 19 November we aim to install temporary intelligent traffic lights at the junction so that final phases of the works can take place. These signals will not be as intelligent as the final permanent signals, but can be programmed to run different timings to match demand. During off peak hours lanes will be closed as necessary to facilitate the works.
The scheme was expected to be completed by Christmas 2018, but we have had numerous delays caused by poorly placed underground services and the well-publicised water leak that stopped all work for a month. Despite these delays our contractor is confident that works will be completed in early February 2019.

Fernbank Road junction with A329 London Road

The refurbishment of the traffic signals at the Fernbank Road junction has now been completed. The new junction is being monitored by the council's traffic signals team to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible.

In early January 2018 the most challenging phase of the A329 London Road highway improvement scheme began construction.

Building on the recent work adjacent to the License Victuallers' School, the next stage will see the conversion of the Martins Heron roundabout to a traffic light controlled crossroads, alongside upgrades of the Priory Road and Fernbank Road traffic lights.

The overall scheme is jointly funded with the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership and will help the borough’s transport network deal with planned and future growth expected in the region.

Work completed so far

Between April and September 2017 the council delivered the first phase of the A329 London Road improvement scheme.

The first part of the works involved improvements to the Licensed Victuallers School access to assist vehicles to enter and exit the school more efficiently. This helps to prevent queues from building up through the school drop-off and pick-up areas. These queues often created congestion on the A329 London Road.

The second part of the works consisted of widening the A329 London Road to the east of the Fernbank Road junction. This has provided longer and wider approach lanes into the traffic signalised junction heading towards Bracknell. This improvement now enables 2 lanes of vehicles to approach the traffic signals comfortably, without the need for larger vehicles to encroach into a second lane. These efficiencies improve the overall capacity of the junction.

The third part of the works was refurbishing the London Road/Priory Road traffic signals so that they incorporate the latest technology. This has enabled the signals to operate more efficiently when adjusting to the local traffic conditions.

The fourth part of the works was refurbishing the London Road/Fernbank Road traffic signals so that they incorporate the latest technology. This has enabled the signals to operate more efficiently when adjusting to the local traffic conditions.

The fifth and largest part of the works, to signalise the London Road/Martins Heron junction, began in January 2018. These works are ongoing and are expected to be completed in the early part of 2019.

Programme of works

You can view the full plan on our A329 London Road programme of works page.

Why is the work taking place?

There is a plan for growth in the borough which started in 2006 and runs to 2026. This includes building new homes as well as regenerating the town centre.

As vehicle numbers increase along the A329 London Road, the existing road layout will continue to struggle to cope with the demand. By making these changes we will be in a better position to manage traffic flow and journey times along this main route in the borough.

Growth is dependent on the provision of necessary infrastructure including capacity improvements to many of the junctions along Bracknell's strategic corridors including the A329.

To support this, a transport study was carried out to identify the extent of improvements needed. The study highlighted a number of roads and junctions that would require improvement against the predicted traffic growth in 2026. This included the London Road (A329) as one of these roads and, in particular, the Martins Heron roundabout as one of these junctions.

How is the work being funded?

Working with the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership we have been able to include the London Road corridor as part of the Thames Valley Strategic Economic Plan, which listed improving movement between the M3 and M4 as one of its objectives.

As a result, Bracknell was awarded £2.9 million funding towards improvements to the A329 London Road including the signalisation of the Martins Heron roundabout. This funding was awarded as part of the government’s Local Growth Fund, which is aimed at creating economic growth such as unlocking housing and commercial development.

Where can I find more information?

You can view estimated start and duration dates on our programme of works page.

You can also keep up to date with what's happening via the local media and on the council's Facebook and Twitter.

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