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Frequently asked questions about the upgrade

My street is very dark - can you install more street lighting when you upgrade my street?

The lighting will be installed to achieve a specific level of brightness, which in most cases results in an improvement.

The new street lighting is too bright and shines into my bedroom window

The lighting is designed to a strict output standard which has to meet the right lighting level to light your street effectively. This is why it has this level of brightness. LED lighting is a different quality to the old lighting. The light output is far better controlled and is more directional to focus onto the roads and footpaths only.

The new lighting minimises light pollution by focusing the light where it is required. There may be a perception that is brighter because the light source is a different colour however this is not the case.

You have installed the new lights however I can no longer see my front door - why is this?

There is some light projected behind the lighting column however the angle is far sharper and less light will be projected backwards than with the old street lights.

What about local wildlife habitats?

Our Highways Asset Management Team have been working closely with our in house biodiversity team to identify local bat habitats where street lighting exists.

We have carried out an independent bat activity survey to ensure that identified areas are not adversely compromised by the project.

PDF icon Bat activity survey 20175.25 MB

Due to their inherent characteristics LED street lights are designed to emit light directionally far better than all the other types of street lights currently in use on the network. Therefore the potential for any harmful effect on ecological sensitive habitats is not considered to be significant.

Light controlling shields/louvres will be fitted as a further precaution to all LED street lights installed in ecologically sensitive areas. This will ensure the emitted light is tightly controlled.

Is there a health risk associated with LED lighting?

There are no known health issues associated with the LED units we are using. LED is a low energy light source which has been used successfully and safely in public lighting for several years.

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