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Active ways to school

Walk, cycle or scoot (push scooters only) to and from school.

This will help to:

  • reduce the spread of COVID-19
  • decrease congestion and parking issues
  • reduce pollution

The start of the new school year will be very different for our schools, their teachers and pupils. It's important that you make the journey to school in a COVID-19 secure way.

Public transport will still be available. It is safe to use if you stick to social distancing and face covering rules. However, there is a reduced capacity to make sure of your safety, so where possible we are asking you to try a more active way to travel.

Choosing active travel

As a parent, here is why safe school travel is the choice for you:

  • walking, cycling or scooting helps pupils reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day
  • it reduces the risk of getting COVID-19 as you are distanced from others outside
  • it prevents overcrowding on public transport for those who need it
  • it helps pupils develop road safety skills
  • it helps to keep our streets free from congestion and is good for the environment
  • it helps pupils arrive at school alert, ready for lessons
  • it's free

Eco Rewards scheme

You can also benefit by registering with the Eco Rewards scheme.

By walking or cycling to school you will gain Eco Reward points. You could be rewarded for your efforts by receiving vouchers, discounts and cashback from a large number of online retailers.

Plan your journey

In Bracknell Forest we are lucky to have safe, traffic free cycling routes that connect our borough. Plan your journey to school using our cycle route map.

Please note that the use of electric powered scooters is only legal on private land. It is not legal to use them on either public roads or pavements.

You can also plan your journey using Google maps.

Using public transport safely

If you do have to use public transport for your journey, you can do so safely by following the up to date guidance. This includes:

  • washing or sanitising your hands before and after your journey
  • wearing a face covering on public transport at all times, unless you are exempt
  • keeping 2 metres apart from people outside your household where possible
  • avoiding peak travelling times to reduce overcrowding

What we are doing

We have bid for government funding to improve the network on routes to Bracknell Forest schools.

Funding has already been secured to improve the crossing on Warfield Road at the junction with Sandy Lane and Holly Spring Lane. This is used by pupils and parents going to Garth Hill College and Sandy Lane Primary School. Recent work has taken place to clear vegetation on frequently used footpaths. If you know of a footpath that needs clearing, please report it on our overhanging vegetation page.

We have worked with bus companies to assess capacity issues. Courtney Buses have scheduled extra dedicated school buses on the 194 route for pupils of Edgbarrow and Sandhurst Schools to avoid over-crowding on the public service. Pupils on other routes need to be aware capacity will be limited, so should consider alternatives where they can do so.