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About bus passes

The concessionary bus fares scheme allows pass holders to travel anywhere in England on local buses for free during off peak times, 9:30am to 11pm, and at any time on weekends and bank holidays. This applies to older persons and eligible disabled people, who are resident in England.

In Bracknell Forest you can use your pass at any time, on any day. This includes the 702 Greenline service to London.

Some other local authorities may also offer extensions to the hours you can use your pass. If you plan to visit an area outside Bracknell Forest, and you would like to know whether there are any special local arrangements that may apply to you, you should contact the local council for that area.

You cannot use your pass on express coaches, trains, trams, taxis or ferries.

You must show your pass every time you get on a bus. In some places the driver may ask you to touch your pass on an automatic reader. Please try to make sure that the Bracknell Forest badge in the top right hand corner of the pass can be easily seen by the bus driver.

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