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Advice on deferring or delaying entry to school

Deferred school entry

Compulsory school age is the start of the first school term after a child’s fifth birthday. For those children starting school for the first time the local authority will offer all children a full-time school place from the September following their fourth birthday.

Deferred entry

Parents may then, if they wish, defer their child’s admission to the school where a place has been offered until later in the school year either part time or full-time but only until the child reaches compulsory school age in that school year.

Where parents choose to defer their child’s admission, or take up the place part-time but later wish to increase it to fulltime, before their child has reached statutory school age, this must be discussed with the Headteacher to agree the effective date.

Where parents of summer-born children do not wish to take up the allocated place until the next school year, the place will not be held. A fresh application would have to be made and there would be no guarantee that a place would be available at the school.

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