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Things to consider as the child get older

When a child transfers from primary to secondary school (or an infant to junior school) the parent must make a new application as part of each main admissions round.

Requests to continue working out of normal age group would need to be made at the chronological age at the transfer process time. If the child is working in year 5 (but the chronological year group would be year 6) the parent must make an application in year 5 at the published time with a request to delay entry to secondary school. This will again be assessed as above.

The admission authority, in consultation with the Headteacher for that school, will make the decision on whether to accept an application for a child to continue out of their chronological year group. This could mean missing a year either in secondary or primary school.

The admission authority and the Headteacher are not required to agree to this request. Many secondary school headteachers indicate their reluctance to accept children out of year as it becomes very obvious when children mature earlier than those in their year group.

If this request is refused then a parent may need to secure an age appropriate school place for their child or consider another secondary school place.

If the request is agreed, the secondary school at which the child is then offered a place may not be the same admission authority who agreed to the request as the application may not be ranked high enough against the allocation criteria for that secondary school.

Children will be able to leave school before completing examination courses. Statutory school age ends on the last Friday in June in the school year when they becomes 16. For a delayed entry child this will be in year 10 before the GCSEs have been completed.

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