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Weekly food waste collections for houses begin next week.

After getting a school place offer

If you have received an offer relating to an in-year application, please refer to your outcome letter or go to what happens after I apply to change schools.

Accept or refuse a school place

This process is closed.

Please check back in March 2021.

Allocation of places

For details of the number of applications received for Bracknell Forest Schools and how these were ranked against the relevant admission criteria, please visit our how places are allocated page

School information

Once all the acceptances or refusals have been received School Admissions provide schools with the information for children who have been offered a school place with them.

Schools will then send information to parents. The timescales on this vary and you should contact the school offered for information.


For information on school transport, please see our school transport page.

Birth certificates

If you have not yet provided a copy of your child’s birth certificate to School Admissions, you need to do this now.

This can be scanned, or a clear readable photograph emailed to

If you've lost the birth certificate, you should accept the offer anyway. Order a new copy, and tell the Schools Admissions team what has happened. When the new birth certificate arrives, send a copy of it to the School Admissions team.

Contact information

Display Name School Admissions Team

Make an enquiry