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Apply to change schools in the middle of the school year

Parents and carers who wish to change their child’s school in the middle of a school year need to apply to the local authority for the new school year.

Please see the list of Bracknell Forest schools to check if the school you wish to apply for is within the Bracknell Forest local authority.

For full information on changing your child's school mid-year read the guide to in-year applications.

Additional application forms

Appeals and transport

If you have been refused a school place than you have the right to appeal against that decision. Reasons for refusal of a school place will give you further information on this.

You may also be able to apply for education transport. For further information you should refer to the mainstream education transport policy.

Moving here from abroad

You and your child must be living on a day to day basis in the UK before an application will be accepted. Service families only require a posting order or should speak to a member of the school admissions team about their application.

Contact information

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