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Apply to change schools for the new academic year

Waiting lists

If we are unable to offer your child a school place, their name will be held on a waiting list for the academic year - until July 2020.

If you have been refused a place at an academy or voluntary aided school we are unable to tell you what position your child is on the waiting list of that school until September when the Governors meet in the new autumn term.

If you wish for your child’s name to be placed on the waiting list for Brakenhale or Ranelagh then you must contact the school in September 2019 for details on how to have your child's name placed on the waiting lists. We do not hold or maintain these.

Appeals and transport

If you have been refused a school place than you have the right to appeal against that decision. Reasons for refusal of a school place will give you further information on this.

You may also be able to apply for education transport. For further information you should refer to the education transport policy.

Moving here from abroad

You and your child must be living on a day to day basis in the UK before an application will be accepted. 

Summer in-year applications

Applications received during the summer will be processed according to the following timetable.

Only when applications received during the week have been processed will the next week's application be considered. Due to the volume of applications received over the summer it may take a few weeks to receive the outcome of your application.

Timetable for summer applications

Received from


Processed from

1 July

28 July

30 July

29 July

4 August

6 August

5 August

11 August

13 August

12 August

18 August

20 August

19 August

25 August

27 August

Please see our directory of Bracknell Forest schools to check if the school you wish to apply for is within the Bracknell Forest local authority.

You should also ensure that any supplementary summer forms are completed and submitted where necessary.

Please note that applications for the schools listed below will not be offered school places during the summer holidays but will be held until governors meet in the new academic year. Therefore, we are unable to make offers for these schools during the summer, regardless of whether there are places at the school. We have had the governors approval to refuse any applications where the year group is full. Please note waiting lists positions will be unavailable until governors meet in the new academic year.

Schools that will not be offered school places during the summer holidays:

  • St Margaret Clitherow
  • Jennett’s Park CE
  • Wildmoor Heath
  • Edgbarrow
  • Ranelagh CE

We will not be able to make offers for these schools during the summer regardless of if there are places at the school. This may affect the processing of lower preferences.

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