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What happens after I apply to change schools?

Offer of a place

If the School Admissions Team is able to offer your child a place, an offer will be sent advising you to contact the school where a start date will then be agreed.

If your child fails to start by the date agreed by the school, or unless we have been made aware of alternative start arrangements, your details will be passed to Education Welfare. This is because a child of statutory school age must be receiving full-time education.

Refusal of a place

If you are a Bracknell Forest resident and have been refused a place at your preferred schools and your child does not attend a local school or you have stated on your application form that your child will not continue at their current school, the School Admissions Team will offer your child an alternative school. This will be the nearest school to your home address with vacancies. With the refusal letter will be sent information on the right to appeal. 

If you have been refused a place at your preferred schools and your child attends a local school but you would like an alternative school you must contact the School Admissions Team to arrange this.

If you are not a Bracknell Forest resident and have been refused a place in a Bracknell Forest school then you will be required to contact your home local authority to seek an alternative school place.

Your child’s name will be added to any Bracknell Forest school’s waiting list for preferences named higher on the application form than that offered. Your child can not remain out of education while their name is held on a waiting list or you are waiting for an appeal.

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If you have been refused a school place then you have the right to appeal against that decision. For information about appealing a decision and the appeals process, please see our school admissions appeals page

Waiting Lists

If we are unable to offer your child a school place then their name will be held on a waiting list for the academic year for which you have applied.

If you have been refused a place for Brakenhale School or Ranelagh Church of England School you must contact the school directly for details on how to have your child’s name placed on the waiting list.

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