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About the upgrade and its benefits

We are upgrading all our street lights to greener, more energy efficient LED (light emitting diode) technology.

Why we’re doing this

We are under pressure to reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions by as much as 30% by 2030. This is part of the government’s climate and energy framework agreements. We can do this by investing in new low-carbon technology.

The project will cost around £7.3 million and it will enable the council to save around £12 million over the next 25 years through energy, carbon reduction and maintenance savings.

What are the benefits?

LED lights reduce maintenance costs, use much less energy than conventional lighting, improve visibility and reduce light pollution.

In addition to this, the introduction of LED will substantially improve Bracknell Forest’s carbon footprint and reduce the amount of carbon tax that the council has to pay.

What we’re doing

Lantern replacement

The work includes the conversion of more than 13,000 street light units to LED technology. The new LED lights will have a new central management system. This work will be carried out by the council’s contractor, Ringway Infrastructure Services (RIS).

Column replacement

Another part of the project is to replace old concrete lighting columns with new modern, steel columns.

Ornate heritage/decorative street lighting columns and lanterns

As part of the LED replacement project we will be either converting or replacing around 60 heritage or decorative lanterns across the borough.

Our street lighting contractor will be carrying out an extensive survey in the first instance by the end of 2018 to determine the condition of the lanterns and columns. The outcome of the survey will determine which units on which roads will require complete replacement and which ones can be safely converted to LED without the need to replace the whole lamp standard. 

Where most of the lighting units on a particular road are unconvertible or in poor or unmaintainable condition, all the units on the identified road will be upgraded to a similar style LED ornate heritage/decorative column and lantern. This will ensure that the appearance of the columns and lanterns will not deviate very much from what is already there. This will allow the council to convert to newer more energy efficient equipment while making sure that the appearance of the area remains consistent and is not compromised.

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