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Latest news – publication of the Western Berkshire Housing Market Area Strategic Planning Framework

Bracknell Forest is located within the Western Berkshire Housing Market Area, along with Reading Council, West Berkshire Council and Wokingham Council. The Strategic Planning Framework is a non statutory document that the 4 authorities along with the Local Economic Partnership - Thames Valley Berkshire - have developed.

The document identifies the strategic opportunities that exist in the market area, which could help to meet housing and other needs over the next 20 years. It aims to demonstrate cooperation between the authorities and to meet the development needs of the area. The document does not allocate any land for development; this will be done through the individual local plans that each of the authorities is developing.

The document was published by the 4 authorities on 13 December 2016 and outlines the areas where further joint work will be explored.

PDF file downloadWestern Berkshire Housing Market Area Strategic Planning Framework (PDF, 5970kb)

Consultation on the Land Availability Assessment Methodology, results and Site Selection Methodology

Consultation on the final draft methodology and results of the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA), together with a draft Site Selection Methodology ran from Monday 21 November 2016 until 5pm on Monday 19 December 2016 and is now closed.

Inclusion of a site in the SHELAA does not mean it will be allocated for development, and does not mean the council considers it is appropriate for development either now or in the future. Allocating sites for development is done through the Local Plan process, which will allocate the most appropriate sites to meet development needs.

See the consultation portal for further information on the documents which formed part of the consultation.

Local Plan Issues and Options consultation

The Local Plan Issues and Options consultation ran from Monday 13 June to 11pm on Monday 25 July 2016.

The Issues and Options consultation did not include specific sites. However, in the autumn of 2016, the council published a list of potential development sites put forward. These are set out in a document called a Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). This includes a high level assessment of the development potential of sites for housing and other uses.

The Local Plan Issues and Options document and supporting material including a summary leaflet, short and extended questionnaires, can be viewed on the consultation portal.


The Comprehensive Local Plan will set the long-term spatial vision and development strategy for the borough up to 2036.

Once adopted, it will replace many of the saved policies in the Bracknell Forest Borough Local Plan (2002) and the Core Strategy (2008). It will therefore be wide ranging in terms of the issues that it will cover.

In summary, the Plan will include a vision, objectives, and strategy for the level and distribution of development in the borough up to 2036, including housing, economic and retail development and new infrastructure; and policies relating to:

  • development within the green belt
  • development within the countryside
  • design, including residential extensions and shop fronts
  • environmental issues such as flood risk and water quality
  • heritage assets
  • the natural environment and biodiversity including landscape, green infrastructure and the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area
  • infrastructure needs including open space, sport and recreation and community facilities
    town, district and local centres
  • development affecting employment sites
  • housing needs including those for:
    • Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople
    • affordable housing
  • healthy and inclusive communities
  • climate change including the delivery of renewable energy and sustainable construction

The Comprehensive Local Plan will include site allocations for specific uses, including housing and employment uses, and will need to be based on a range of up-to-date evidence which is currently being prepared.

Consultation on scope

A consultation on the scope of the Comprehensive Local Plan was held from 21 October to 2 December 2015. The responses can be viewed in the Consultation on Scope of Comprehensive Local Plan - Summary of Responses.

PDF file downloadSummary of responses (PDF, 182kb)

Evidence base

Background work that has already been completed can be viewed on the Comprehensive Local Plan evidence base page.

Duty to Co-operate

The duty to co-operate is both a legal requirement and a soundness test which requires local authorities to plan for issues which extend beyond their local area, particularly those relating to strategic matters.

The Duty to Co-operate Framework has been prepared to identify the strategic matters that will be considered through the Comprehensive Local Plan and to identify the relevant duty to co-operate bodies that will have an interest in those issues. This will provide the framework for future engagement.

PDF file downloadDuty to co-operate (PDF, 415kb)

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