SmartConnect: information for local authorities

Bracknell Forest has developed SmartConnect, specialist software designed to manage all aspects of a local authority smartcard system.

SmartConnect is simple to use, secure and versatile. It provides a quick and simple way to support business change by gathering cardholder data once and linking it to one or multiple service areas. It allows positive engagement with residents under a unified smartcard scheme, connecting services and gathering valuable management data.

SmartConnect has been tried and tested across the country by numerous smartcard and transport schemes since 2004. It is already integrated to a wide variety of services including:

  • ENCTS bus passes and transport ticketing
  • prepaid cards for social care recipients
  • door access
  • cashless catering systems
  • car parking
  • libraries
  • leisure services
  • discounts
  • incentive schemes

There is regular investment in product development steered by the requirements of various local authorities’ needs.

What Bracknell Forest Council offers to local authorities

Bracknell Forest Council makes SmartConnect available to local authorities for an annual licence fee. Authorities can contract directly with Bracknell Forest Council for a range of smartcard services without the need for a full procurement exercise, avoiding the need for a long, expensive tendering process. SmartConnect is offered under various options from simple installation and configuration to a fully comprehensive managed smartcard service.

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