Libraries Week

Monday 3 October to Sunday 9 October

Libraries week is an annual showcase of the nation's libraries. This year we're celebrating the learning opportunities libraries provide.

Come visit your local library, show your support and discover a wide range of services and activities. What we offer may surprise you and it doesn't cost a thing. We're also delighted to have some local organisations visiting Bracknell Library to showcase what we do.

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For adults

City on fire by Don Winslow

A new gritty thriller exploring themes of loyalty, betrayal, honour and corruption. 29 year old Danny Ryan yearns to escape the Irish crime syndicate that oversees much of the city, but when a modern-day Helen of Troy triggers a war between rival mob factions, he is forced to step into the breach to protect his family, friends and home. Borrow from your local library or download the City on Fire BorrowBox ebook.  

For children

Kay's Marvellous Medicine: a gross and gruesome history of the human body by Adam Kay

The olden days were pretty fun if you liked wearing chainmail or chopping people's heads off but there was one tiny little problem back then, doctors didn't have the slightest clue about how our bodies worked. Children will love this gross and gruesome history of the human body.

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