Debt advice

Debts that need urgent action

Seek specialist advice as soon as possible if you:

  • are facing eviction
  • are contacted by enforcement agents (bailiffs)
  • owe money to your gas or electric provider, or have received a warning about disconnection
  • are facing bankruptcy

You can contact:

If you are facing eviction

If you are currently in rented accommodation and been told that you are going to be evicted, contact our Housing Options Team by:

Old debt with no contact

If you have old debt and have not been contacted by the creditors for several years, seek advice before you get in contact or make a payment.

The debt may be 'statue barred' and legally unenforceable. This means you may not need to pay.

Loan sharks

A loan shark is someone who lends money but doesn’t have a legal licence to do so.

Find out more about loan sharks

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