Switch to reusable products

Washable hygiene products

Think about whether you or your family could switch to washable:

  • make up remover pads
  • sanitary products such as menstrual cups or period pants
  • incontinence pads

Reusable kitchen products

Think about switching to reusable:

Reusable nappies

For information and advice about reusable nappies visit the:

'Smartie Pants' nappy incentive scheme

We are offering parents the chance to claim £30 for switching to washable nappies with our 'Smartie Pants' nappy incentive scheme.

To qualify for the payment:

  • you must be a resident of Bracknell Forest Borough
  • your child must be under 18 months old
  • you must be the child’s parent or legal guardian
  • you must use the payment to go towards the cost of purchasing reusable nappies or towards the weekly cost of a nappy washing service
  • you can only make 1 claim per child

Random checks may be made to check the eligibility of your claim. If you are found to have falsely claimed the subsidy you will be asked to repay the full amount.

To prove your entitlement you must supply:

  • a copy of your child’s birth certificate

And one of the following:

  • a recent detailed receipt or receipts clearly showing the purchase of reusable nappies to the total value of £30 or more
  • an invoice, or invoices, to the total value of £30 or more, or a signed compliments slip from a nappy washing service
  • signed confirmation from a health professional - on the reverse of the application form there is a blank form which can be signed the next time you see your health visitor

To apply for the £30 incentive, fill in the application form below and return it together with your evidence using the online form.

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Re3 reuse scheme

Unwanted household items that could be used by someone else can be dropped of at re3's reuse areas. There are reuse areas at both of re3's recycling centres. Your items will help support charities and local organisations. 

Visit re3 reuse scheme to find out household items that can be reused.

Repair cafes

To repair an item and give it a new lease of live, you can take it to your nearest repair cafe. 

Visit the re3 repair cafes page to find out more.