Audio-visual options at the funeral


The full service in the chapel can be streamed on the internet. Tell your funeral director or the Cemetery Office if you want this service.

Those wishing to view the service will receive a unique username and password. This is supplied to the family a few days before the service. The family will have complete control over who they pass the username and password to.

The camera is designed to show a view as if you are attending the service sitting towards the rear of the chapel.

We cannot guarantee the quality of the webcast, as this depends on the internet connection on both sides. For this reason webcasts are uploaded on the evening of the service and remain online for 7 days for further viewing.

We try to make sure that all those involved in the delivery of the service are aware of recordings and where to stand. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for poor recordings if people stand away from the microphone or for any ambient sounds that may be picked up within or outside the chapel.

You can order a recording of the service anytime after the service has taken place. The standard format for recordings is now on USB memory sticks. If you want a DVD recording, state this at time of ordering.

How to book

Only the funeral organiser can request our recording options. They should do through their funeral director at least 3 working days before the service.


Webcast option prices
0 Item Fee
1 Webcast of service (per 40 minutes) £86
2 Recording of service - audio visual (memory stick, DVD, Blue-Ray) £61

Visual options - images

At a selected point in the service, multiple images can be displayed in a slideshow on the 2 chapel screens. If you wish you may select a piece of music to go with them.

How to request image tributes

Contact your funeral director who will inform the crematorium office of your request.

Your funeral director will need to know how many photos you wish to include as this affects your fee.

Pay attention to selecting the type of tribute you need.


Visual option prices
0 Item Fee
1 Single image £15
2 Simple slideshow - up to 25 photos (no music) £45
3 Professional photo tribute - up to 25 photos (with or without music) £85
4 Additional photos for tributes (up to 25 photos) £24
5 Family supplied video - checking and loading to Obitus £24

Audio recordings

We can record the sound of the service and have the recording copied on to one or more memory sticks.

How to book

Contact your funeral director who will inform the crematorium office about your request and make any necessary arrangements. If you are not using a funeral director, contact the cemetery and crematorium office.


Price for an audio recording of the service
0 Item Fee
1 Audio recording (on a memory stick) of the service £48 from 1 April 2022


We can provide any form of music as long as it is commercially available.

If you prefer live music, there is also an organ available. An organist can be booked for your service by the funeral director.

How to book

Contact your funeral director and let them know which music you would like. If you are not using a funeral director, contact the cemetery and crematorium office.

Advice for people conducting services 

There is only 1 microphone in the chapel, located on the lectern. If you move away from the lectern the system will not pick up your voice and it will not be recorded. A radio lapel microphone is available for the person conducting the service should they wish to move around the chapel. They need to discuss this with staff before the day of the service.

During hymns the person taking the service should step off the lectern so the microphone does not record a single voice. This allows more ambient sound to be picked up instead.

When a service is recorded, the music system should be used rather than the organ, as the organ sound is not always picked up on recordings.

To make sure of a quality recording up to the end of the service it is important that once the last of the mourners have left the chapel the person taking the service or the undertaking staff do not re-enter the chapel until the recording is stopped. This is done by the crematorium staff and they will say when to re-enter.

Contact information

Easthampstead Park Cemetery and Crematorium


Phone: 01344 420314