Cremation and cemetery fees are listed below.

All charges are inclusive of VAT where appropriate.

Cremation fees

Cremation fees
Type of fee Fee
Cremation of a body, 18 years or older (40 minutes of chapel time) £1,045
Cremation of a body, 18 years or older (80 minutes of chapel time) £1,595
Direct cremation - no service, contact office for diary times £370
Cremation only - early morning drop off, 15 minutes max in chapel, no service or music, 8:30am only £684
Foetus, Stillborn infant or child under 18 years No charge
Cremation of body parts £295
Service overrun charge £325

All cremation fees include the £65 mercury abatement fee.

The cremation fee includes:

  • chapel use and music
  • medical referee's fee
  • disposal of cremated remains in the garden of remembrance (weekdays) or supplied in an environmentally friendly cardboard cremation box

You can collect cremated remains 48 hours (2 working days) after the coffin is delivered to the crematorium.

Audio-visual options

Fees for audio visual options
Option Fee
Single image £15
Simple slideshow with up to 25 photos (no music with tribute) £52
Music slideshow (pro tribute) up to 25 photos £89
Downloadable link with music slideshow or themed tribute £10
Additional photos for tributes (up to 25 photos) £26
Family supplied video - quality checking and loading to Obitus £26
Video Book - includes a recording of the service, tribute, or both. Set in an electronic screen and encased in its own ?book?. £99
Memory Box - 25 professionally printed photos along with your funeral recording on DVD and USB. This comes in a bespoke linen-covered case. £135
Themed tribute (choose from a range of themes, up to 25 photos edited and timed to chosen music) £105
Additional photos for themed tribute (up to 25 photos) £26
Audio recording of the service (memory stick or CD) £55
Audio recording - each additional copy £42
Recording of service - audio visual (memory stick, DVD, Blue-Ray) £66
Recording of service - each additional copy £42
Copy of service and visual tribute (memory stick, DVD, Blue-Ray) £88
Copy of service and visual tribute - each additional copy £44
Webcast of the service £86
Services for under 18s (live and on demand webcast, single image and basic slide show up to 25 photos) £20
Extra work fee - applies to additional work conducted outside normal working hours. £26
Late charge fee - applies to work carried out after a deadline has passed. £26

Optional fees and charges relating to the cremation service

Optional fees for cremation service
Type of fee Fee
Use of chapel for service only (includes music system) £550 per 40 minutes
Disposal of cremated remains in the gardens from another crematorium £188
Retention of cremated remains after the first month (maximum of 3 months) £80 per month
Out of England certificate (Certified Extract) £50
Scattering fee for weekends and bank holidays £40
Coffin to catafalque prior to service (maximum of 24 hours) £70
Refrigeration storage per coffin (per 24 hours) £30

Cemetery fees

Interment fees

These fees apply to a deceased person who, at the time of their death or within the 12 months before their death, paid their council tax to Bracknell Forest Council.

Fees will be tripled for deceased persons who do not meet this criteria.

This also applies to elderly people who were living a care facility at the time of death.

The exception to this is those who were in the care of Bracknell Forest Council and were moved into a care facility, chosen by the council, not within the borough.

Adult (18 years or over)

Interment fee for an adult (18 years or over)
Type of fee Fee - in-borough Fee - out of borough
Interment (new grave) £1,350 £4,050
Reopen of existing grave space £1,010 £3,030


The fees below are for interment and exclusive rights for deceased persons under 18. They are not for residents but we must show them on our price list.

Interment fee for a child
Type of fee Fee - in-borough Fee - out of borough
Interment of a child (coffins 4'1" to max 5'4") £164 £492
Interment of a child (coffins 4' or under) £98 £294

Cremated remains

Interment fee for cremated remains
Type of fee Fee - in-borough Fee - out of borough
Interment of cremated remains of a person 18 years or older £340 £1,020
Interment of cremated remains of a child under 18 years £152 £456

Associated charges for graves

Associated fees for graves
Type of fee Fee
Additional charge for casket shaped grave £420
Transfer of exclusive rights of burial (Deed of Grant) £99
Exhumation of foetus, stillborn, child, person or Cremated Remains Price on asking

Exclusive rights of burial (Deed of Grant)

All deed terms are listed for a period of 75 years.

Fees for exclusive rights of burial (Deed of Grant)
Type of fee Fee
Adult grave £1,400
Child's grave (Coffins 4' or under) £620
Child's grave (Coffins 4'1 to max 5'4") £775
Mini grave for 2 sets of cremated remains £900

Right to erect memorials

Fees for the right to erect memorials
Type of fee Fee
Right to erect a memorial tablet / headstone £200
Each additional inscription (each name) £90
Right to erect a temporary marker on a grave £32

See cemetery regulations.

More information

Fees for funerals are increased by 50% on Saturdays and 100% on Sundays or bank holidays.

When a service is held on a weekend, the cremation will be carried out on the next working day.

All our memorial options and prices can be viewed in our memorials section.

Contact information

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