Scattering ashes

Scattering (or strewing) can take place any time after cremation. If you would like to scatter the cremated remains of your loved one at Easthampstead Park please contact the office to make an appointment. We have 3 scattering areas.

Scattering areas

Peace Garden

The Peace Garden is a maintained meadow garden surrounded by trees and shrubs. The grass is cut every couple of weeks during the spring and summer. There is a discreet grid system so we can always direct you back to the area of the scattered remains in the future.

Silver Birch Copse

The Silver Birch Copse has developed over many years and has a host of established and younger trees. The area is split into the twelve months of the year using the surrounding monthly shrub beds as a reference. The grass is only cut a couple of times each year creating a more natural woodland setting.

Bluebell Wood

The Bluebell Wood is an established copse, enhanced with a woodchip pathway, bluebells and wild flowers. The woodland is divided into the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. To maintain an environmentally friendly area there is little maintenance in the copse.


Price of scattering ashes
0 Item Price
1 Monday to Friday Free
2 Weekends and bank holidays £35

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