Top tips on how to tender

When submitting a tender or quotation, please remember to:

  • register as a supplier on the South East Business Portal to receive notifications of opportunities and to have access to tender documents
  • read and follow the instructions
  • read the questions carefully and answer them accurately and precisely
  • provide all of the information requested - if you cannot provide some of the information, ask for advice
  • don’t be put off by the invitation to tender documentation (or quotation request) – you can always ask for guidance
  • when the e-Procurement system is used, all questions should go through the portal and not by email
  • fill in and return the documents by the given time and date, allowing time for documents to load if responding electronically, making sure that you sign everything that you are requested to sign
  • cross reference the answers in your response to the questions in the invitation to tender or quotation request
  • be clear on your pricing model and state any assumptions that you have made when pricing (for example, resources required by you or the council and timetables)
  • include a named contact
  • don’t include publicity material in your submission unless you have specifically been asked to
  • submit your tender through the e-Procurement system if instructed
  • if you are unsuccessful, the communication document will give some feedback on your tender or quotation - this should help you to identify areas for future improvement

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