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Councillor allowances

All councillors receive a basic allowance.

They may claim a range of expenses for carrying out council duties.

They may also receive a special responsibility allowance, depending on their role. The rate of the allowance is dependent on the level of responsibility.

All allowances are subject to National Insurance and Income Tax deductions where appropriate.

What can councillors claim for?

Councillors may claim for travel and subsistence expenses where expenditure is incurred outside of the borough. The actual cost of standard rail, taxi and bus fares and other direct costs can be claimed. Claims must be supported by receipts. The rates of these expenses are the same as those paid to council officers.

Child care and dependent care allowances can be claimed when arranging care for undertaking approved duties.

For more information, the latest allowances scheme can be found in Part 6 of the council’s constitution.

Amounts paid

Councillor allowances are published annually on DataShare

When looking at the summary please note that:

  • the travel category includes all costs associated with travel such as parking, public transport fares, taxi fares and congestion charge
  • the subsistence category includes accommodation charges, food and drink

The council also offers councillors a range of other support, including:

  • learning and development opportunities
  • personal computers
  • mobile phones
  • blackberry devices

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