Invoice guidance


If you provide goods or services to us, you must follow this guidance when submitting an invoice.

You must submit an invoice within 14 days of providing the goods or services.

Invoices must include the following:

  • date of invoice (and tax point if not the same as invoice date)
  • supplier name, address and VAT registration number
  • supplier bank details
  • the purchase order number given by us (if there is no official order, then the name of the person who requested the goods or services)
  • the agreed charge (where not complete - a breakdown of the relevant work or services as they relate to this charge or an explanation of the difference in expected charge)
  • confirmation that the goods or services detailed have been provided

If you submit many invoices each month, consider combining these and sending them electronically.

Where to send an invoice

Email invoices to:

If you need to post us an invoice, it should be sent to:

Accounts Payable
Time Square
Market Street
RG12 1JD

The date of invoice receipt is defined as the date of receipt at the address stated on the invoice.

When we get a valid invoice, we will aim to pay this in line with our agreed contract terms. Where none exist we will aim to pay within 30 days in line with our standard terms and conditions.


Payment runs are made each Thursday and remittance advices are sent on the day that payment is made. Payments are made by BACs and will take 2 days to reach your account.

You will receive a remittance advice from us. This will be by email if you have given us an email address.

If an invoice is disputed you will be informed. In such cases the payment date will reflect the date the dispute is resolved.


If you have a question about an invoice, you should first get in touch with your primary contact in the council. This is usually the person who manages your contract or places orders with your company.

If you need to get in touch with someone in Accounts Payable, email

Do not contact us until the payment becomes overdue.