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Education and school complaints

School complaints

Schools and academies have their own complaints procedure. If you need to make a complaint about a school or an academy, you should approach them directly.

The process

Most schools' complaints procedures have 3 stages, which should be followed:

Stage 1

Speak or write to the Headteacher (or, in some schools, a designated senior member of staff), who will investigate your concern.

Stage 2

If you are unhappy with the Headteacher's response you should write to the Chair of Governors.

Stage 3

The schools' procedures normally also offer an appeal to the governing body's complaints review panel. This panel consists of 3 governors who have no prior knowledge of your complaint and will consider written and verbal submissions from you and the Headteacher.

Stage 4

If you have followed stages 1 to 3 but still feel that the school has not handled your complaint in line with its own published complaints procedures, you are able to ask the council to examine how it was dealt with. The council will not re-investigate the original complaint, only the manner in which it was dealt with by the school.