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Community Right to Bid

What is your Community Right to Bid?

The Community Right to Bid was established under the Localism Act 2011. It allows communities and parish councils to nominate buildings or land to the council as being of community value.

Local authorities are required to keep a list of all these assets. If an owner of a listed asset wants to sell it they have to notify the council. The local authority then has to notify any interested parties.

If local groups are interested in buying the asset they have 6 months to prepare a bid to buy it before the asset can be sold. This gives communities an increased chance to save valuable local facilities.

What is an Asset of Community Value?

A building or other land is an Asset of Community Value if its main use has recently been, or is currently used, to further social wellbeing and interests of the local community, and could continue to do so in the future.

Assets might include:

  • village shops
  • pubs
  • community centres
  • children’s centres
  • allotments
  • libraries

The right covers private as well as public assets.

Who can nominate Assets of Community Value?

Several community organisations can nominate assets to be listed including:

  • parish councils
  • neighbourhood forums
  • unconstituted community groups of at least 21 members
  • charities

These organisations must have a local connection, so that their activities are concerned with the local area.

The process

The advice note published by the government provides detailed information on the process for nominating assets including:

  • the bodies that can make nominations
  • the steps that the council has to take when considering to list land as an asset of community value and upon listing that land (such as informing relevant parties)
  • arrangements for owners to make appeals on decisions to list or award compensation on any losses incurred as a result of being listed
  • exemptions to the 6 month moratorium being applied

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