Climate change strategy

Our objective

To be carbon neutral by 2050

We will achieve this through 4 strategic principles:

Working with partners

Working with schools and young people

Preserving the climate beneficial elements of the COVID-19 pandemic

Preserving the natural environment sustainably in line with the Bracknell Forest Local Plan

Our full strategy

Our full strategy is available to download.

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Action plan

Our action plan has 2 main strands:

Reduce carbon emissions that are under the council's control

Influence and lead

community action against climate change

Currently, we have:

  • 42 live projects
  • 5 of these projects reflect emissions that the council has direct control over
  • 18 of these projects reflect emissions that we can influence within the borough
  • 19 of these projects are a combination of direct control and influence

Action plan quarterly update

You can read a detailed overview of our progress on our climate change strategy action plan page.

Climate change strategy annual report

Read about the progress we made over the last year.

Climate Change Advisory Panel

On Monday 10 October 2022, the Climate Change Advisory Panel attended a presentation on the Green Homes Grant local authority delivery. You can view the presentation slides below.