Climate change strategy

Our objective

To be carbon neutral by 2050

We will achieve this through 4 strategic principles:

Working with partners

Working with schools and young people

Preserving the climate beneficial elements of the COVID-19 pandemic

Preserving the natural environment sustainably in line with the Bracknell Forest Local Plan

Our full strategy

Our full strategy is available to download.

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Action plan

Our action plan has 2 main strands:

Reduce carbon emissions that are under the council's control

Influence and lead

community action against climate change

Currently, we have:

  • 42 live projects
  • 5 of these projects reflect emissions that the council has direct control over
  • 18 of these projects reflect emissions that we can influence within the borough
  • 19 of these projects are a combination of direct control and influence

Action plan quarterly update

You can read a detailed overview of our progress on our climate change strategy action plan page.