Our action towards net zero 2050

What we've done in the last year

Here are some of the things we've done between 31 March 2021 to 1 April 2022.

Purchased 100% renewable electricity to supply all council buildings.

Launched 5 new cycling route maps.

190,000 green miles were logged on EcoRewards saving 40.8 tonnes of CO2.

Secured funding to add 32 more electric vehicle charging stations in our car parks. 

Reduced total waste going to landfill to just 7%.

Planted 3,370 trees.

5.6% reduction in the council’s direct CO2e emissions.

Worked to align climate change ambitions within all Public Health policies.

Improved the average energy rating across all homes in Bracknell Forest to a ‘C’.

Improved our waste recycling rates from 43% to 56%.

Improved the air quality in Crowthorne High Street and the A322/A329 link.

Embedded climate change impacts within all council project decision reports.

Supported more than 500 residents to help make their homes more energy efficient. 

Diverted almost 6,000 tonnes of food waste away from landfill. 

Secured funding to help us create heat decarbonisation plans for our property estate.