Crime and community safety strategies and policies

Domestic abuse

The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 requires local authorities to prepare a Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Strategy, with the assistance of their domestic abuse local partnership board (the Bracknell Forest Domestic Abuse Executive Group).

The purpose of the strategy is to make sure that there is an adequate supply of safe accommodation for domestic abuse victims in the local area. Safe accommodation is defined as accommodation in which domestic abuse victims receive dedicated, specialist domestic abuse support. This includes:

  • refuge accommodation
  • self-contained accommodation
  • short-term emergency accommodation
  • move-on accommodation
  • other specialist forms of accommodation

The Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Strategy 2021 to 2024 includes:

  • an assessment of need and current services for domestic abuse victims
  • identifying where there are gaps in the provision of accommodation-based support
  • setting out recommendations and funding priorities to address these

The council published its draft strategy on 22 October 2021. Following consultation with the Domestic Abuse Executive Group and Domestic Abuse Forum, a final version of the strategy was approved by Executive in December 2021.

The strategy includes proposals to:

  • fund a new domestic abuse officer post within the housing service
  • provide continued funding for refuge accommodation in Bracknell Forest
  • commission a new domestic abuse outreach support service for victims in a range of safe accommodation
  • fund a new sanctuary service to provide security measures for victims able to remain at home
  • assist with furniture and other financial needs
  • commission specialist support services for particular groups where needed
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