Housing strategies and policies

Bracknell Forest housing strategy 2023 to 2028

The new housing strategy outlines our vision and priorities for housing in the borough over the next 5 years.

The housing strategy provides a comprehensive assessment of the housing needs of the local area and a planned approach to addressing these needs. It supports the Bracknell Forest Council Plan by setting out detailed plans and priorities for achieving the council’s housing objectives.    

Our vision is for all Bracknell Forest residents to be able to live in good quality, safe, and affordable homes, where they can be independent and financially secure, and can access the right support when needed.

We have set out four priorities to help us to achieve this:

  1. Prevent homelessness and increase housing options and support for households in need.
  2. Deliver new homes in sustainable communities that meet the needs of residents.
  3. Make the best use of existing homes and improve housing quality.
  4. Provide a range of housing options for people with care and support needs.

The final version of the housing strategy has been developed following consultation with residents, partners, housing providers and councillors.  Consultation was undertaken through an online survey, member workshop, and engagement with a range of voluntary and statutory service providers, with views being sought on the key local housing issues and priorities for action. 

You can download below the full version of the housing strategy, as well as a short Executive Summary and the housing strategy consultation report. 

Homelessness and rough sleeping strategy

Our 2021 to 2026 strategy sets out how we will deliver services in the future to tackle homelessness and the resources available to prevent and relieve homelessness.  

The strategy is based on a comprehensive review of the nature and extent of homelessness and rough sleeping in the borough undertaken in 2021. 

The final version of the strategy was developed following a period of stakeholder consultation in November 2021.

The priorities and actions set out in the strategy will be taken forward through the development of a detailed action plan to be agreed with partners. 

The main vehicle for overseeing the strategy and action plan will be the new Homelessness Forum which was launched in January 2022.

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Affordable housing needs in Bracknell Forest

Find out about our affordable housing policies, needs and priorities.

Housing assistance policy

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